Five timeless Designers To Fall ln Love With Again & Again

Five timeless designers to fall in love with again and again


There is nothing like that feeling of filling your wardrobe with items that make you feel good and are made so beautifully that you will always want to wear them. One of the key reasons that we are so invested in preloved designer is that it opens a pathway to those of us who want to benefit from the beauty and everlasting style of designer fashion but may not quite have the budget or inclination to stretch to the full-priced option. Every preloved piece tells its own unique story; these are just five of our favourite forever fashionable designers.


  1. Chanel


With every collection and every piece, Chanel reminds us exactly why French women are so coveted for their style. Elegance, purity and comfort are woven into every stitch and the beauty is that they create wearable chic with styles that translate beautifully from catwalk to consumer.  Timeless cream colourways and pearl trim are classic and instantly recognisable Chanel details while the black quilted handbag and its various reimaginings constitute aa collection of the bestselling handbags in the world. Renowned for helping women break away from the restrictive, uncomfortable Victorian style of dress, Chanel is credited for bringing the little black dress and knitted suit into the mainstream – Jackie Kennedy was one of the first to fall for the Chanel suit. The Chanel style is one of essentiality where the simplest possible lines give exquisite style in line with her belief that "fashion passes, style remains".

  1. Gucci


Internationally renowned for their green and red stripe motif inspired by saddle details, Gucci is a designer that embody high-flying luxury with an eclectic style that is at once seductive and elite equestrian, all the while prioritising the finest Italian craftsmanship values. The equestrian influence has reigned supreme since the brand’s earliest days when Guccio Gucci started his business making accessories for horse riders made from fine Italian leather. While the brand founder himself passed away just 15 days after his first New York boutique opened (the logo of two interlocking Gs was later introduced in homage to him), celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly fell hard and fast for the designs, catapulting Gucci into the highest fashion stakes. A noticeable penchant for infusing womenswear with a masculine edge leads to exceptionally diverse collections. 

  1. Prada


Forever fashionable thanks to their innate luxury and sophistication, Prada is a designer brand that embodies practical chic but there is certainly nothing boring about their style. Sleek and exquisitely crafted, every collection breaks new fashion ground in a subtle yet powerful way, imbuing the wearer with a quiet confidence. Flattering and beautifully cut, black is the colour that dominates the majority of Prada collections and we’re here for it! If you think there is something regal about the Prada style, you’re not wrong! The first Prada store opened in 1913 in in Milan and just six years later, Prada was awarded the title of Official Supplier of the Italian Royal House. The House of Savoy's coat of arms and knotted rope design was then incorporated into its logo, cementing the brand as a symbol of the Italian aristocracy.

  1. Louis Vuitton


As the brand with the most famous monogram in the entire world and their signature Speedy bag which has been beautifully reimagined over the years, Louis Vuitton is truly iconic. It was in Paris that Vuitton arrived at the age of 16 with the ambition to be a trunk master and it was also in the French capital that he founded his luggage empire and opened the world’s largest store of travel items on the Champs-Élysées. The collections continue to be infused with a sense of wanderlust with Coco Chanel, the Rothschild family and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor just some of the famous figures to choose LV for their holiday luggage. They remain best known for their chequered, geometric patterns and exquisite luggage (monogrammed of course) – from suitcases to the much coveted holdalls, this is the best designer in the world to bag it up with. Not for the faint-hearted, the best way to wear LV is to Go. All. Out. Think matching (or clashing!) monogrammed accessories along with the brand’s signature vintage-style graphic details,

  1. Alexander McQueen


Seductive, alluring, Gothic, adventurous, mysterious, daring… there are so many ways to describe the weird and wonderful styles that emerge from the Alexander McQueen fashion house. This born and bred Londoner began life as a tailor on Saville Row and his innate talent means he made his mark from the very early days – iconic stylist Isabella Blow bought his entire graduate collection and later became his mentor. Designed for the bolder fashionistas who love a dark, romantic aesthetic, Victorian/Pre-Raphaelite-style and dramatic statement pieces, the McQueen collections are exquisite in their sophistication with passionate colours and luxurious materials. The only way to wear McQueen is to embrace it in all its glory – and there is a lot of glory. Renowned as a conceptual designer, indulge in the daring statement that every McQueen piece makes on those occasions where only the highest of fashion will do. 

Forever Fashion


We hope that our roundup of our favourite timeless designers has given you some much-needed escapism from the mundanity of life during COVID! Fashion is a beautiful and simple way to practice self-care during harder times as we can still make sure we feel good by dressing in clothes that flatter our figures and indulge our style dreams.


Preloved fashion is such an accessible way to satisfy that desire to make ethical choices while still enjoying beautiful quality clothes that stand the test of time. These five designers are just a handful of legendary makers whose items we sell on the Shush online shop. So grab a cuppa and browse our collections on the way to building the wardrobe of your dreams.