Hopelessly Devoted To Hermès

Hopelessly devoted to Hermès


There’s a reason why classic designers have got cult status and that’s because it’s well-earned and deserved. Hermès is up there with the best and we love them for their exquisite fusion of classic and unique.


We’re talking about bags and accessories that can be worn time and time again, for smarter and more relaxed occasions, at home and away, but those that will always steal the limelight as every single element of each piece has been so carefully and beautifully crafted. There is nothing boring about anything that Hermès makes, as every one of their pieces is groundbreaking and unique in its style.


Material Girl


One of the things that Hermès do brilliantly is explore textures. Their bags have been reimagined again and again using different types of leather and exotic skins, all of which are some of the finest quality to be found in the world.


Just like their aesthetic, they use both unusual and more classic materials each with their own unique qualities. There’s crocodile skin (both matte and shiny), box calf (smooth and shiny), Epsom leather (lightweight and practically scratchproof!), classic canvas, and ostrich, which changes with the light and evolves over time for beautiful heirloom pieces.


Of course, Hermès is a brand with an authentic artisanal heart which goes a long way to explaining the beauty and care taken with every stitch of their fabric. As contemporary artisans since 1837, they have remained fully committed to this model and its humanist values with a “constant quest for beautiful materials.”


Detailed Craftsmanship


Their dedication to creating pieces that are practical, elegant and made to last is evident and creates a dazzling style signature. As they have moved into more modern times, their style has evolved to respond to the lifestyle of their customers while wholeheartedly retaining the craftsmanship for which they are renowned. 


They also make a solid investment into research and innovation of the finest materials with rigorous craftsmanship details and sustainable elements. With such pure yet intricate style at its heart, it’s no wonder that this is a brand that is so easy to fall in love with.


What’s in a name?


Now we’d like to share some gorgeous stories with you about two of the most iconic bags that Hermès has ever produced: the Birkin and the Kelly. You may well have heard of them and covet their gorgeous classic or limited edition styles but did you know the stories behind these iconic pieces?


The Birkin


First, let’s talk about the Birkin, which has featured on the arms of celebrities far and wide from Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian to Pippa Middleton, Kate Moss and Jennifer Lopez. It has also cropped up frequently as a reference in popular culture – who could forget Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones trying to get her hands on a limited edition Birkin in Sex and the City?


Named for actress and style icon Jane Birkin, the story of one of the world’s bestselling bags began ten thousand feet above the groundand nearly 40 years ago when the actress met Jean-Louis Dumas, Hermès’ artistic director, on a flight. She confided her frustration that she could not find a shopping bag that was large enough to carry her daughter’s bottles.

Before the wheels had touched the ground, Dumas had sketched the idea for one of the greatest bags ever made featuring the now-legendary polished plaque and signature saddle stitching as well as 40cm large dimensions. This bag broke new ground for style with its larger than average size that still remained exceptionally chic and sophisticated. As time has passed, the bag has been reimagined with new sizes, materials and geometrics but retains its classic and instantly recognisable components in true Hermès style.


The Kelly


We adore the story behind the Kelly. It was originally designed by Robert Dumas, son-in-law of Émile Hermès, who also happened to create the women’s bag with straps. It also featured two triangular gussets, a cut-out flap and a handle for a design that was truly bold and ahead of its time. But legend says that Hollywood golden girl Grace Kelly used the bag to conceal her pregnant stomach in the 1950s after which every woman in the world knew of its existence! The bag was renamed the Kelly and the rest, as they say, is style history.

You can see a gorgeous example of the Kelly right here, featuring shiny alligator skin, gold hardware and a vintage feel. It comes with a removable shoulder strap, dust cover - and timeless style points. The Shush team are slightly besotted with the orange colourway that is bound to brighten up any outfit.


Icon after Icon


Of course, any designer fashion lover will know that these are not the only two iconic pieces that Hermès are known for. This brand tells a story of style perfection with the Evelyne, the Veru and the Jige also among firm favourites.


We have some great examples of these styles in the Shush collections – this immaculate Evelyne bag is made from classic Epsom leather and presented with a rare Kiwi colour, ideal for those that love to make a style statement with a twist. Palladium hardware completes the look. We also have the bold and beautiful Jige Elan clutch which will always work with outfits where a dose of passion is needed.

How to Buy


Everything Hermès makes is an instant classic but when you’re buying an investment piece, it’s important to think about how and when you will use it. The main question is whether you’re looking for more of an everyday piece and a classic style or a more unusual item to stand out from the crowd. Of course, you may well want to use your unusual piece every day to add unique style notes to every outfit!


How to Sell


When it comes to selling your Hermès items, never underestimate their value. This is a truly classic designer who never goes out of style. Give our team a call today to talk through what you have to sell so that we can help you gain the most from your items.


You can also browse here to enjoy the full range of Hermès items available on the Shush store.