How to shop preloved like a pro

How to shop preloved like a pro


There’s nothing quite like that feeling of finding real vintage treasures to add to your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for pieces to wear or pieces to buy and resell, shopping for second-hand pieces is always an adventure where every piece is more unique than the next. We’ve gathered our top tips on how to shop preloved like a pro and help your find your new wardrobe BFFs.


Pay attention to trends


While we talk a lot about how high street fast fashion is trend-led and therefore disposable, trends still exist in preloved world but in a very different sense. Preloved trends never fall out of fashion, they just become more popular during certain periods but still remain timeless. If you like to stay up with the latest, pay attention to the catwalks to see what preloved themes are making waves every season. Right now, real pearls are making a comeback and we are totally here for it.


The collaboration between Monica Vinader and Mother of Pearl on a collection of sustainable jewellery has brought the pearls conversation to the forefront and we are rifling through our jewellery boxes like the best of them. Pearls are just so easy to wear and flattering for all types of style, whether it be teamed with a knitted dress and boots or a ruffled blouse and vintage jeans.


Stay true to your style


We’re all guilty of shopping without a real agenda which is when we risk investing in pieces that simply don’t respond to our needs. Preloved inevitably has some weird, wild and wonderful pieces that will catch everyone’s eye but we recommend looking past those pieces to find items that really speak to you. It may be tempting to buy something in a colour we wouldn’t usually wear or a style that doesn’t quite fit with your own, simply because the piece is so beautiful or unusual.


But this approach risks overlooking one of the most integral parts of preloved – that you’re investing in forever pieces as opposed to ones that you wear once and then disappear to the back of the wardrobe, never to be seen again. Preloved is designed around pieces that make you feel good every time you wear them, and unless you’re taking the resale approach, make your purchases wisely.


Know your agenda


Speaking of the resale approach, it’s also important to have an agenda when you start your preloved journey. If you’re less about the forever items and more about investing in pieces to wear once that make you feel fabulous and selling them on, that’s another way to do it. After all, circular fashion is built on the cycle of items being fallen in love with again and again, whether it be from the same owner or different ones that appreciate the value of vintage pieces.


But you’ll need to have your savvy hat on to make sure you’re buying pieces with good resale value. If something claims to be an investment purchase, do your research beforehand to check how well that specific item is likely to hold its value.


You must also choose your source wisely – this might mean a well-known designer or a classic, limited-edition piece. But also choose your wider sales source carefully – our team at Shush have all the credentials to show every client that we are authentic from start to finish.


This includes a stringent valuation and authentication system for every piece, as well as an ultra-secure payment system. These should be essentials for anywhere that you choose to buy preloved, so always take the time to research your sources. It pays off too – once you find a vendor that you love, keep checking in to be the first to know about the most beautiful new pieces they’ve added to the store.


Measure up

Vintage sizing can be a little unpredictable so it’s important to know your sizing before buying online. If it’s not included in the listing, don’t be afraid to ask.


Look past the past


We are all so accustomed to being sold an image of perfection straight off the catwalk. This means that any vintage piece that comes with any sign of wear can be off-putting. But shopping preloved means embracing the past of every item and falling in love with it for its unique story and history, even if that story manifests in a little wear and tear.


Vintage items will not lose their value or their beauty based on small signs that they have been used. That being said, always check the item thoroughly (or read the description thoroughly if you’re shopping online) to make sure there is no significant damage, stains, tears or missing details that may make the item unwearable or difficult to resell.


Forget about the price tag


Equally, don’t invest too much in the price tag of your items. Sometimes we might feel that if an item is not “expensive enough” that it doesn’t have authentic preloved value but this is far from the reality. The market is not designed to price out those looking for great value sustainable pieces – instead, items are valued authentically and this sometimes means that there are bargains to be had, even if those pieces are highly sought-after.


The Shush collections are packed with exquisite vintage items looking for their forever home. Click here to browse and discover pieces to fall in love with again and again. If you’re looking for support and advice with buying or selling preloved, get in touch with our friendly in-house team – we love to talk all things vintage and would be delighted to help you on your journey!