Dress To Impress: Shush London’s Guide To Royal Ascot Fashion

Hello, fabulous fashionistas! As we gallop into one of the most glamorous events on the British social calendar, let's dive into the splendid world of Royal Ascot. Held annually in June, Royal Ascot is not just a highlight for horse racing enthusiasts but a pinnacle of high fashion and royal traditions. This prestigious event has been a staple in British culture since its inception by Queen Anne in 1711. Today, it's renowned for its thrilling races, the presence of the Royal Family, and, of course, its spectacular array of high fashion.

Every year, Royal Ascot attracts not only the finest thoroughbreds but also the crème de la crème of society, dressed in their most exquisite attire. It's a scene where Chanel rubs shoulders with Dior, where the clatter of Christian Louboutin heels blends with the rustle of Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana fabrics, and where the glamour of Hermes meets the refined elegance of Stella McCartney and the accessible luxury of Michael Kors.

At Shush London, we understand the allure of dressing up for such a grand occasion. Ascot is not just about showing off the latest trends; it's about stepping into a world of tradition and elegance. It's about the men in their majestic top hats and tails - a rare sight that harks back to an era of classical charm - and the women in their long, tailor-fitted dresses or the increasingly popular chic trouser suits, all topped with hats that make bold statements of individuality and style.

Our Top Tips For A Winning Look...

For Ladies: 

While the fancy hats and stunning headpieces remain non-negotiable, the attire for women at Royal Ascot is evolving. Long, elegantly tailored dresses have always been a staple, but now, more and more women are opting for sophisticated trouser suits that speak both of power and grace. This year, think about pairing your outfit with elegant heels and a chic, understated handbag. Our collection at Shush London includes pieces from high-end designers that encapsulate the essence of Royal Ascot's fashion-forward, elegant dress code.


For Gents:

Ascot is one of the few occasions that allow men to truly indulge in traditional British formal wear. The classic choice for Royal Ascot is the morning suit - complete with a top hat and tails. However, modern fashion trends are steering towards more tailored and chic approaches. Designers are reimagining the three-piece suit with sharp cuts and modern twists to ensure that while traditional, the styles feel fresh and contemporary. At Shush London, we celebrate this blend of classic and modern by offering a selection of preloved suits from renowned designers who understand the importance of impeccable tailoring.


No Ascot outfit is complete without the right accessories. For men, a well-chosen tie, a watch, or even a money clip can add a personal touch to a traditional outfit. For women, aside from the statement hats, consider elegant jewellery and clutch bags that complement rather than overpower your outfit. At Shush London, we offer an array of designer accessories that can add that final touch of glamour to your Ascot look.

 Why Choose Shush London For Your Ascot Attire?

At Shush London, we specialise in luxury preloved fashion that allows you to indulge in designer labels without the steep price tags. Shopping preloved is not only an economical choice but also an eco-friendly one, reducing the demand for new resources and extending the life of exquisite garments. Each piece in our collection is authenticated by our expert team, ensuring you buy a quality, authentic item every time.

So, as you prepare for Royal Ascot, consider how a unique, high-fashion piece from Shush London could enhance your experience of the event. Dressing the part is more than just putting on clothes; it's about embracing an experience, participating in a tradition, and making unforgettable memories.

Remember, Royal Ascot is more than just a race; it's a celebration of British heritage, a showcase of sartorial splendour, and a fabulous day out in the company of royalty. Whether you're sipping champagne by the racetrack or cheering on your favourite horse, make sure you’re doing it in style with Shush London. Here's to a splendid Royal Ascot, dressed in nothing but the best. Cheers!