7 Top Tips To Build A Stylish But Sustainable Designer Fashion Wardrobe

Keen to do your part in saving the world while still looking fabulous? 

If you're both fashion-conscious and environment-conscious and you want to make a style statement without compromising the environment, shopping preloved designer clothing and accessories is the way to go. Not only does it allow you to own exclusive and well made items, but it also reduces the impact of fashion consumerism on the planet. In this guide, the Shush staff share six top tips to help you build your stylish and sustainable designer fashion wardrobe.

Firstly, it’s important to understand the impact fast fashion makes on the planet and it makes for uncomfortable reading:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Estimated to be responsible for about 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than the emissions from all international flights and maritime shipping combined!

  • Water Consumption - A major consumer of water, with around 20% of global wastewater being generated by textile dyeing and treatment.

  • Microplastic Pollution - Synthetic fibres like polyester release microplastics into water, with one load of laundry potentially releasing hundreds of thousands of microplastic fibres for example.

  • Landfill Waste - It's estimated that nearly 85% of textiles end up in landfills or are incinerated when they could in fact be resold. In fact The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimated that the equivalent of one garbage truck full of textiles is landfilled or burned every second.

  • Non-Biodegradable Fabrics - Many textiles take years to decompose. For example, polyester can take around 200 years to break down.

  • Chemical Usage - The textile industry is one of the largest consumers of chemicals in the world, and these chemicals can have harmful effects on both human health and the environment.

  • Deforestation and Biodiversity Loss - The production of materials like viscose can lead to deforestation and habitat destruction, contributing to biodiversity loss. And the extraction of raw materials for textiles, such as cotton, can lead to soil degradation, water scarcity, and pesticide pollution.

It's vital then to promote sustainable and circular fashion practices, the use of eco-friendly materials, and the adoption of recycling and upcycling initiatives. This is where preloved designer fashion can make a huge and positive impact and here are our top tips!

  1. Embrace Preloved - By choosing preowned but great condition pieces, you give them a new lease on life and prevent them from ending up in landfill. Shush London is a reputable online platform that specialises in preloved designer clothing. We carry iconic brands like Chanel, Dior, and Hermes, often at a fraction of the original price. All items are 100% authenticated and checked for quality and condition.

  2. Authenticity Matters - When shopping for preloved designer clothing, authenticity is crucial. You want to be certain that the items you purchase are 100% genuine. Our track record of providing authentic designer pieces stretches back 38 years, being the first preloved designer consignment store in London. We use a stringent authentication process to ensure we only sell 100% authenticated items. Our experts carefully inspect and verify the authenticity of each item, ensuring you're getting high-quality, genuine designer fashion.

  3. Condition is Key - Of course you want your preloved designer clothing and accessories in excellent condition. We only accept items that have been well-cared for, that are free from significant wear and tear. Quality designer items withstand the test of time and by investing in well-maintained pieces, you can can in fact make more money at resale on rare and unique items too.

  4. Know Your Measurements - One challenge of shopping online is getting the right fit or size. We provide accurate sizing often in UK, EU and IT sizing and provide a guide for the sizing in our descriptions too. Don't hesitate to reach out to our helpful team for additional measurements or clarifications if needed. It's crucial to purchase flattering items that make you feel confident and comfortable.

  5. Wardrobe Staples with a Twist - To create a versatile and sustainable designer fashion wardrobe, focus on wardrobe staples but apply your own flair and style. We suggest you invest in timeless pieces like a classic blazer, tailored trousers, or a little black dress from your favourite designer. These items will team easily with other items in your existing wardrobe and become a foundation of numerous stylish outfits. By opting for high-quality wardrobe staples, you ensure durability and longevity and you can add a further unique touch with designer accessories or statement pieces.

  6. Value In Heritage - You may not realise that some preloved items are in fact the most desirable in the fashion world and finding one of them presents a major opportunity for investment. Furthermore, buying an item for yourself and keeping it for your children as a gift and investment is also a smart move. For example some of the most sought after handbags are Hermes Kelly vintage bags dating as far back as the 1960s and Chanel bags from the 1980s. Vintage clothing such as Maxmara coats and Gucci jackets can be worn year after year after due to their timeless, classical designs and as long as they remain in good condition will increase in value over time.

  7. Spread the Word - As an advocate of preloved designer clothes you can educate your friends, family, and social media followers about the environmental impact of fast fashion. By spreading awareness that investing in preowned designer clothing and accessories, they can look fabulous, feel exclusive, and play their part in preserving our planet for future generations too.

Building a stylish but sustainable designer fashion wardrobe is not only achievable but also ethical and considered. By embracing preloved designer clothing and accessories and following these top tips, you can create a fashionable wardrobe whilst reducing the environmental footprint of your fashion choices. With preowned designer clothing, you can look fabulous, feel exclusive, and play your part in preserving our planet all at the same time. So why not take a look at our selection of new arrivals and items from your favourite designers at Shush London now?