Behind The Scenes At Shush

Behind the Scenes at Shush



As part of our commitment to gathering the most beautiful preloved fashion pieces from around the world for our store, our team at Shush at the Wellington have their finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to finding the very best suppliers. 


We like to give our readers a little insight behind the scenes into what we do and why we do it, which is why today’s post is based on an in-depth conversation that we recently had with one of our top suppliers. 


A New Approach to Fashion


As a shopper who is truly passionate about conscious consumerism and the entire ethos behind it, she credits selling with us for changing the entire way that she shops and her approach to fashion. Since starting her collaborations with Shush, she said she is conscious now more than ever about what she buys and where it’s from, preferring to be informed about every stage of the products lifecycle from the very first design to manufacture and shipping. 


We love her way of thinking because this is entirely in line with the reason that Shush was originally established – to do our bit in saving the planet by promoting a preloved consignment store that is entirely transparent about its ethos. We present both buyers and sellers an attractive and straightforward way to contribute in a positive way towards our environment and to invest real value into both their spending habits and every single item in their wardrobe,


Making an Investment


At the heart of Shush is a real love for fashion and an awareness that investing into key pieces – transitional through the seasons or otherwise – is kinder to the planet and preserves our world for future generations. On a more personal and intimate level, it is a way for every individual to create and curate a wardrobe based on quality not quantity. 


We strongly channel the idea that we should be able to open up our wardrobes and be greeted by piece after piece that we truly love and would (almost) always be in the mood to wear. Not only that, but we only sell the highest quality designer pieces meaning that your wardrobe will stay in good condition – and in fashion – for many years. In the age of Marie Kondo and minimalism, it is ever-more important to cleanse our minds and lives in every aspect and your clothing is an essential place to begin. 


Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good


Shush allows our buyers and sellers to look good, feel good and do good. With fast fashion and questionable values so easily accessible at a low price point, we might be forgiven for going for cheap price tags instead of high quality. But you really get what you pay for and it’s important to examine every choice that we make through a long-term lens so we can feel good about everything that we buy.


Buying preloved designer items also means maximising the value in your spending habits. It also comes with that unique rush we all have when we find a good bargain – and a designer bargain too. Our Shush collections feature bestselling, rare and limited edition clothes, shoes and accessories at a huge discount from their original price with many in new or nearly new condition. 


Discovering your Style

Our buyers always tell us that they love that feeling of browsing the store both in person and online and coming across a unique piece that they can then use to build on their own personal style or experiment with a different look. It’s also a great idea to repurpose your preloved items and have fun with your wardrobe. They also love finding something extra special for an occasion or an item that they’ve been dying to buy for years but just can’t justify the cost such as a classic Chanel bag. With such a wide range of designers on offer, many of our customers are delighted to discover a designer brand they’d never known of or rediscover an old favourite. You never know what you might find – and how it might brighten up your tired old wardrobe! With preloved items such a good price, this is also a great way to invest into a few pieces as opposed to spending all of your hard-earned money on just one item.

Continuing the Story


At its most basic level, we love preloved because it’s such a good feeling to invest in an item with a story behind it and to make more of your wardrobe in every aspect whilst removing yourself from the fast fashion cycle that is having such a destructive impact on the world. Choosing to shop preloved and taking this journey turns what might be an otherwise fairly straightforward task of high street shopping and transforms it into a fun, rewarding and enriching experience where you don’t need to worry about cheaper pieces falling apart or losing shape after a few washes, or more expensive items maxing out your bank balance.


With Shush, you also don’t need to worry about your items appearing very used or old. As a consignment store, we operate a very stringent quality control process. This means that all of our items have only been lightly worn at the most and presented in a good quality state at a fraction of their original price. We love introducing more and more people to the preloved journey. Enjoy every moment, because that’s what it’s all about!


To get started on building your preloved wardrobe, click here to visit our online store where we stock beautiful classic brands and more unique labels including Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu and many more. You can also visit our store in the heart of northwest London where you can enjoy a sensory experience with our curated collections.