All the Bright Colour Feels with Kim Kardashian

All the Bright Colour Feels with Kim Kardashian



If there’s one thing that Kim Kardashian knows how to do, it’s get people talking. Her most recent starring role as a guest host on Saturday Night Live saw the superstar step things up to a style level like only the Kardashians can. Enlisting the help of her ex-husband and style icon Kanye West, Kim brought what Vogue coined “BBE” - “big Balenciaga energy” to the stage with not one, not two but three hot pink ensembles.

In true Balenciaga style, Kim’s hat-trick of looks celebrated all things silhouette. Her first look was introduced on her way into the TV studios where she wrapped up in a long, hot pink anorak coat. Thanks to the shape, material and colour combination, this outerwear style balanced technical, sporty and glamorous tones to perfection. When the Kardashians go out, they go all out so Kim teamed the outfit with metallics and chunky tones featuring wraparound black sunglasses, silver pointed boots and large dangly earrings.

For her opening monologue, she wore her second hot pink outfit of the night with a full-body catsuit in pure velvet. This statement piece included a high, high neck and in-built gloves with textured material that somehow appeared sexy and effortless.

After a successful performance, she then left the studio wearing her third Balenciaga look. This time, she chose a multi-layered look with a spandex catsuit including built-in high heels and a shaggy floor-length coat that epitomised ‘80s disco vibes.

How to pull off bright colours

Being Kim Kardashian, she made wearing such bold outfits appear completely effortless. But for many of us, wearing bright colours can be daunting. Yet the positive impact that wearing colours has on our mood is unmistakeable. Research studies have repeatedly shown that wearing colours can lift our mood and make us feel more alive and engaged with the world.

This impact directly feeds back into how others view us, too. Wearing colours such as red, pink and yellow means that we present ourselves to the world in a far more extroverted way. In true The Secret style, this positive energy that we give off then directly encourages the same energy back towards us in a truly uplifting example of the laws of attraction.

Turning up the Colour Chart

We certainly think that’s enough reason to start changing up your wardrobe with some more confident pieces! Remember, it’s not only about the colours we choose but also the intensity of said colours. The hot pink tones of Kim K’s SNL outfits charge up her look with boundless passion, vibrancy and energy. Bright colours evoke limitless confidence whereas lighter tones still transmit positive energy but in a more relaxed way.

If you’re a little reticent about introducing colours to your daily style and tend to lean towards a more neutral palette, we suggest starting with softer shades or even pastels. This is a good way to experiment with different colours and work out what best suits your style personality without the pressure of investing into bold pieces that may not ultimately work for you.

Once you’ve got a little more used to the idea of wearing colours, it then may be time to go deeper and brighter with your shades. You could try with bolder accessories or jewellery and then work your way up to the larger wardrobe pieces to elevate the look in different ways.

Bright and Beautiful with the Shush Collections

As the cooler months approach and we could all do with adding a little bit of energy and brightness to our everyday, here’s our pick of the very best, bright, bold and beautiful pieces from the Shush collections.

While we would love to take you through all of our favourite colourful pieces in the collections, in today’s post we’re focused on the two most popular bright colourways with the Shush audience – red and pink.

Pretty in Pink

If Kim K has given you serious style envy, we have good news for you because the Shush collections are delivering the brightly coloured goods.

For an easy way to lift your mood and your outfit every day through the colder months, this hot pink Moncler coat is where it’s at. Bright tones., drawstring hood and midi length make it stylish, versatile and practical for rainy or chilly days. Moncler pieces are renowned for their durability, so this is a real investment piece.

The office Christmas party is a great opportunity to splash the colour without any risk of feeling OTT. This Roland Mouret fluted gown is elegance exemplified, with deep pink tones that fit right into the festive season. Add a pair of dangly statement earrings and simple black heels to complete the look.

If you’d prefer to start off bold colours within the details of your outfits instead of the main events, we love these classic Gina pink python skin flats that will suit all types of outfit. Or you can try this gorgeous Valentino lock bag crafted in crocodile skin and featuring rockstud pyramids embellishments for that truly star-studded look.

Red or Dead

Red can be one of the most daunting colours to wear which is why it can help to ease in slowly. This exquisite Chanel sweater is super-simple and totally wearable – the black velvet logo gives sweet detail while the boxy fit is totally versatile.

This silk ruffle top from Phillip Lim is another nice way to ease into red tones. We also love the timeless silhouette and style of this Valentino Rockstud Hobo bag that will bring a confident touch to every type of style.

For advice from our in-house style team on how to change up your look with colours, contact us today. We love to help everyone feel like the very best version of themselves and we know first-hand just what a positive difference wearing colours can make.